Story time reading

Daily Dose of Reading encourages everyone to participate in daily shared reading time. This activity is especially important for preschool children because it helps build vocabulary – critical knowledge tied to reading skills.

Shared reading provides children with opportunity to hear words used in context as they follow the stories being told. Children’s books provide exposure to many more words than most of us use in daily activities. In addition to providing access to more diverse vocabulary and  opportunities for language skill development, books expose children to themes and facts that help them understand the environment they live in. 

Besides the basic language development, shared bookreading has many other benefits. The time you spend together with your child has a very meaningful impact on their lives. Children who spend time together with adults are more comfortable in their surroundings and will develop a stronger relationship with that person.

Besides the obvious opportunity of spending time together with your child, research has shown that this activity can also improve cognitive skills of children – especially if a parent begins this activity when the child is in infancy and continues the reading habit through the child’s elementary school age.

Every child, Every Day, Talk, Sing, Read, Play….