Donate Books

Daily Dose of Reading accepts donations of new and gently used children’s books.  We encourage individual and group donations. Book drives make great service projects. For more ideas on how to sponsor and promote a book drive click HERE.

Donated books are re-distributed to places where children can access them. In many cases the books end up in the homes of disadvantaged children who might not otherwise have access to sources of literature.

Donated books are placed in the offices of Partnering Pediatricians and other locations. In many cases, books are the primary source of entertainment in waiting and exam rooms. The pediatricians encourage patients to keep books they find in the offices as part of their “well-child” visits. These doctors are encouraging their patients to read as part of the healthy lifestyle they seek to reinforce. Literacy, after all, is a reliable indicator tied to good health and well being.

Donated books are also made available to children most at-risk of below-average pre-literacy skill development. Books at in home are a critical tool for the development of these skills. Access to literature at home provides opportunities for shared reading time between the children and their parents. Whether used in shared reading or independent reading, books are the fundamental tools that support the development of literacy. You might say, “Books are to literacy as wood is to carpentry”.